Sunday, May 06, 2007


Uhrenarmband is the German word for "watch band", which is what you will find at
The site is in German, but you do not need to know German to buy there.
It's enough you see and I am sure you'll be fascinated by the elegance and smartness of what they offer.
I personally like the Alligator kind.
It is more expensive, but it is worth what you spend.
And, believe me, made in Germany means "made for lasting forever".
I can assure you about it, because I personally married a German and one of his qualities is the perennial search for perfection.
Which is common to ALL Germans.
I know you cannot generalize, but in this case you really CAN.
You can say whatever you want, you can compare prices and find out that they are more expensive, but if you compare quality, then you realize that in the end their products are cheaper.
I personally spend a lot in accessories, but it is worth, because the accessories are what makes the final touch.
You can have a cheap dress, but if you wear expensive accessories, it looks completely different.
And in the end you spend less and look better.
The same for a watch.
Just try the difference between a cheap watch band and an expensive one.
Your watch will look completely different, believe me.
And you can trust me, because I know what comes cheap but looks expensive...

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