Friday, May 25, 2007

What are window blinds for?

Most people would answer: to dress nicely a window, to give the room an elegant style, to add a certain touch to the wall, to give some privacy.
For me the most useful thing window blinds do is hiding a dirty window.
I do not know if it happens the same to you, but every time I decide to wash my windows, and it takes some time since my house is old, huge and has 32 big windows,I can be sure the next day we are going to have at least a few minutes thunderstorm, so that in those few minutes (even seconds) all my job is for nothing.
I even came to the point that it has become something like a ritual, something like the rain dance.
If I need rain for my garden the only thing I have to do is washing my windows.
That is why blinds are very welcome in my house.
But besides that, I love to add colors to my walls and I meticulously look for the right one.
The one that fits with my furniture and the colors of the room.
I am so fanatic about blinds that they are the first thing I notice in a room.
"They had nice blinds”, or "they had terrible blinds" that is what I usually comment when we go in a new place.
And everybody usually looks at me, because, of course, they didn't notice...
What are the kind I would suggest?
If you are looking for a neat and elegant style Roman blinds could be the best choice.
They have a modern, functional look and are not too expensive.
You can raise and lower them just by pulling the cords. They need little fabric, so they are cheap.
But you must be careful to perfectly measure your window, because they must fit perfectly.
The full kit costs around £12.99 which in my opinion is not too much.
For an office, if you are looking mostly to the functional side, Venetian blinds are still the best.
Now a days they come in many different colors and materials including aluminum and wood, which is my favorite.
If you are looking for a more romantic look Ready made voiles can provide a sophisticated look and add color or just match the white of the walls.
In you can find everything.
From ready made to fabric, from blinds to bedding, lighting, rugs and so on.
All what you need to improve your house.
And at an affordable price. (very important)

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