Friday, May 04, 2007

Dear, old, copper landline

This rollout and copycats will doom landlines – the copper line between your house and the local phone company is called a landline – to extinction by the end of 2012. That’s my prediction, not that of the WSJ. It is possible if DSL technology is improved that some copper will still be in use to provide broadband connectivity over which phone service’ll run but even this use of the copper is unlikely to go on for long.

Tom Evslin

That will be a very big mistake.
A mistake they will understand when somebody will take the pain to explain that too many waves are not good for our environment.
On one way people talk about pollution, the devil of our generation, but how many do something against it?
We have to find new alternative energy sources, but not only.
We have to change our lifestyle, because what is too much is also useless and what is useless is noxious.
When everybody will call on a cell phone (because we will have flat rates) and talk about the stupidest subjects, talking for talking, the air we breath will be so polluted that illnesses like Alzheimer or brain tumors will be so widespread.
They are not dangerous, they say...but it is just because there is so much money involved...
It will happen exactly what happened with cars.
No more investments in public transportation.
Who needs a train or a bus when everybody has his own car?
So the city are unlivable, the air is unbreathable and it is almost impossible to do in the little time we have what we didn't all the time we missed.
I do not want to be a Cassandra of the future, but the future IS in the Landline, even if they are less profitable, even if a phone in you paijama can look much more comfortable (but is it really?)
We need to have less of the common type of communication to be able to communicate again...less of the so called "humanity" to be a little bit human again...and that also includes the freedom NOT TO CARRY a phone in our pajama...
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