Thursday, May 17, 2007


In this jungle of economies going up and down, there is one thing that has had an escalation similar to nothing else: the advertising market.
Since its early beginning the Internet has shown the potential to become the hugest market ever seen on earth, the only market that can group and offer a huge number of consumers on a golden tray.
Huge number because the footprint of the Internet covers the World and golden tray because nothing can be cheaper than spreading advertisements on the Internet.

But, as in all the good things of this World, its good sides attract so many that competition is hard and consumers get easily used to it.
The result is that you can burn a way to send advertisements in a very fast time and you have to rethink how to reach your audience much sooner than with any other mean.

Besides the Internet lets the user some kind of freedom of choice of consuming what he wants to, much more than TV for example, where the audience consumes passively.
The advertisement on the Internet must mostly be entertainments. Since you cannot enclose into it, it must be entertainment itself.
Since you cannot broadcast a movie with commercials in it, the commercials must be the movie.
Short and amusing videos.
The more so if you talk of mobile advertisement.
It must be good on a small screen, short and catching.

A real challenge for the future's marketing guys.
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