Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where Entrepreneurs meet Investors

The innovative technology sector, which had been the engine of growth, has been throttled back, and many promising but risky companies are either dying from lack of cash or hibernating until the market recovers. That is not good news for the economy.

"Everyone has bad deals," said Bud Colligan,"The question is: Do you have 50 percent bad deals or 90 percent?"
Countries are scheming to steal each other's young. They want ambitious young people with graduate degrees in such fields as genome science, bio-informatics and entrepreneurial management.

The success is not related to racial composition but rather to education levels.
Among urban scholars, business leaders and big-city politicians, there is a chicken-and-egg debate over what exactly makes a high-tech city grow.

"Does technology come first and lure talent? Or does the mere presence of talent, through some creative alchemy, hatch technology that spawns high-paying jobs? The answer is both."

Venture Alliance Partners is where investors and entrepreneurs meet and look out for each others interests.

They not only provide capital to the young and promising companies, they also give support and confidence, helping the small grow into profitable.
They have the experience to take entrepreneurs into enterprises which produce high-paying jobs and companies that own the future.

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