Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bollywood iPod size

India's film industry, based in Munbai, is called Bollywood.
For the number of movies produced and probably the number of viewers, it is considered as the largest in the world.
Most movies are musicals, called Masala, after the famous mix of spices. How could Bollywood not be in a website YouTube like?
Aapkavideo is where you can mostly find Bollywood like videos.
It is fully free.
Free to upload and free to download.
Now you can be a movie viewer, a movie star and a movie producer.
What you need is a little bit of Skill, a little bit of brain and of course a little bit of time.
Of course you also have the freedom to choose the subject you prefer, including cricket and places of interest.
To invite people to use it they even have a contest for the most popular videos uploaded and couldn't be the prize something else than a free iPod?

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