Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Real 3D Virtual World

The first NETWORK--WEBSITE to offer REAL-TIME 3-D NAVIGATION through a story (your story).
This is how I would define - webcams, chat, personals website.
It is REAL-VIRTUAL-LIFE. It not only offers Web Based Instant Messanger, but it also allows users of World-Wide Web browsers to view and interact with community 3D world, scenes and virtual "friends".
You can use their 100% web based instant messenger with audio and video support to chat one-on-one or to join chatrooms and participate in group discussions.
You can be there not only with text and audio, but also with video, your own video.
That creates a real 3D virtual world, where you can live a virtual life with virtual friends.
But the great thing is that the virtual friends are real people, with real lives.
And you can meet people to chat, to discuss and something more.
You can play games, read forums and date the person you like.
And you can Acually SEE the person you're dealing with!
Or you can just browse through currently running live broadcasts and contact performers instantly! All performers are ordinary users just like you.
That is WHERE the fun is.
That is what the Internet can offer you: INTERACTIVE EVERYTHING!

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