Thursday, May 03, 2007

Frame your shots

The sunglasses developed at the Hewlett Packard labs in Bristol in the west of England sport a camera that constantly takes images of what a wearer sees. The camera also has an off-switch to preserve privacy.
"It means you now have a wearable camera which nobody will notice and can take pictures while being involved in events," said Huw Robson from Hewlett Packard.

Well, if you are looking for something old style, a pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes and can help you to see better, look better and play better any kind of sports you do not need a camera on them, you just need Polarized Sunglasses and you can find a good selection of them at ADS Sport Eyewear.

The first feature of a pair of sunglasses for us women usually has to be the look.
Mostly the look on US. And the ones you can find there are so beautiful that you easily forget how useful they can be.
They have the description of all glasses from the best Manufacturers, all accessories and a very well structured search by the kind of sport activity you need the sunglasses for.
Besides, most sunglasses are available also with prescription lenses.
The prices are great (lower than in a traditional shop)and they offer: free shipping, secure checkout, and a liberal return policy.
Their glasses also have a lifetime warranty, good for people who use them daily or for hard Sports.
I found quite interesting the motorcycle glasses.
They are not only fitting the fashion and style, but they are also comfortable and, most important, safe.
They have the best brands for isolating the eye from too much or too little air circulation. A special foam eyecup protects the eye from swirling winds.
I found also very interesting the explanation about the difference among the many types of lenses (Polycarbonate, Polarized, Photo chromic) and the comparison among the many producers.
The best and the worst of anyone.
I guess that, if you are going to buy a pair of GOOD sunglasses it really pays to be informed and to choose the best available.

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