Wednesday, May 02, 2007

As Google pleases, if you like...

In the early days, the Net was free," says computer scientist Dave Farber, a 67-year-old University of Pennsylvania professor.
An EFF board member since the mid-'90s, Farber has witnessed the evolution of the medium since 1968, when he first got on the Arpanet, the Internet's precursor that was developed by the Department of Defense and largely used in academia.
"It was an information barter economy.
You gave things to people, they gave things to you. It was that way for a long time, until relatively recently . . . It was almost like the utopian socialism attitude of the '20s and '30s."
The philosophical divide "depends on when you came on the Net and what your motivations are."

You gave things to the people and very often they took them without even saying thank you.
The Internet of that time was also the dawn of the mentality that "If it is on the Internet it must be free".
And that wrong attitude ruined a little bit, in my opinion, what is and will be for long, the best way to communicate, exchange, and SELL.
Where can you find the larger mass of consumers?
If the number can decide the success, well the success IS the Internet.

That is why Page Ranking, Web Positioning are getting a war.
That is why being the Search Engine number First means to be Company number first.
You can decide what is going to be succesful and what IS NOT going to be succesful.
And in this there are NO rules, because there is NO law.
The Net Neutrality, do you remember, is what everybody is shouting and fighting for...
Forgetting that Net Neutrality doesn't exist.
It is Money Neutrality if you wish.
The one who pays IS there and the one who DOESN'T is not there.

As Google pleases, if you prefer...
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