Saturday, March 06, 2010

Answer about a comment about the body language

"It is true that the wrong messages can be sent by the way a person dresses. But that isn't any excuse for a rape. If a child knows that he isn't suppose to have cookies... is the cookie jar being open a reason for him to take it? Women need to learn to respect themselves...its true...but whether or not they do....nobody has the right to rape"

You are right, nobody has the right to rape anyone and everybody has the right to wear as she pleases.
But I guess that an intelligent woman who knows how stupid and aggressive and bad acting certain men can be, would never put herself in the position to send the wrong message.
In the company of nudists no one is naked, but if you happen to be in the company of no nudists, you should conform, otherwise it is "on your own risk".

That in a few words means: the world of MEN is not yet ready for the 21st century.
Most of them still live in the Middle Ages.

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