Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is the Net getting old and slow?

Is Web Going To Slow Down By 2010?
Posted by Rushabh Choksi

According to a research web will slow down by 2010. Video and Interactive sites being the major reason behind web slowing down.

Nemertes President, Johna Till Johnson said “Users will experience a slow, subtle degradation, so it’s back to the bad old days of dial-up,” and “The cool stuff that you’ll want to do will be such a pain in the rear that you won’t do it.”

He also added that around $55 millions must be invested by cable and phone companies who are providing around 94% of USA broadband service. Hence, the upgradation of systems is must to continue faster web experience.

Main upgradation would be required in upstream data capacity. Web was mainly used as read-only. Until recently, the explosion by video and photo sharing, self publishing (blogging), and bandwidth-intensive activities like video conferencing on the web is straining the upstream end.

Compared to USA, Indian broadband penetration is very low. Despite efforts to roll out the infrastructure, urban India has only a 3 per cent adoption rate. Which means in India broadband reach is limited to certain extent. It is a surprise that in the last seven years, India could provide broadband connectivity to less than 2.5 million subscribers as against its target of 3 million, nine million and 20 million for 2005, 2007 and 2010 respectively. So if web is slowing down by 2010 India will be adversely affected as most of the people in India still use dial-up connection to access web.

But this can barely be true because technology is growing, the new generation high band-width helps us to access the net much faster. Today many websites are providing with full movie downloads (say movies around 700mb) which gets downloaded within short span of time due to high band-width, pictures and videos get uploaded very fast. So, I wonder how web is going to slow down by 2010 and if it is what are we going to do?

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