Saturday, September 26, 2009

Social media can be one or more people

"You can take a blog and make it a business, like Mike, Om, Rafat and others have done. That's a fine strategy and it's working well for them. But it stops being personal and when that happens, something is lost. We have a blog at where I blog frequently. That's a corporate blog. I would never do all my blogging on a corporate blog. I think facebook got it right that there are personal pages and corporate pages. Like it or not, TechCrunch, GigaOm, and PaidContent are corporate pages in the facebook vernacular."

A blog is a Blog.
A blog is a place where I go and read and comment.
I do not care who writes, I care what is written...
The beautiful of the Internet is that you can be a one man publisher, one man director, one man news, one man everything.
Internet is the world that makes possible and possibly profitable the "one man company".
You do not need much to begin a business on the Internet.
But you need brain.
You need an idea, you need to know how to make a business out of an idea.
But if you have more than one man, if you have more than one idea, and if you are more than one to use it, that can be much better and produce better results.
Exactly like the blog where more than one writes...

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