Thursday, September 03, 2009

.QIF file extension

What is the file extension qif?
Probably who is familiar with financial and accounting programs will know it.
In a few words it is the ASCII text file used by Quicken, a financial software created for accounting and financial applications.
The programs that can open .qif files are for Mac OS Intuit Quicken and for Windows OS Intuit Quicken and Microsoft money.
The programs allow to move data between applications through export and import, and transfer them via an internet connection, among users and financial institutions.
The file extension qif is an acronym for Quicken Interchange Format, a protocol (or set of rules used by computers) used to transfer data.
A file extension qif can be edited in any text-editing program.
QIF files may need to be edited when moving files from a Quicken for Windows program to a Quicken for Mac program.
It is not a proprietary data format, since Intuit, which originally developed QIF, does not endorse or provide support for this format.


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