Friday, September 04, 2009

The Internet today, after 40 years...

Kleinrock ( the inventor of the Internet)said he might be able to predict what the Internet's infrastructure will look like years from now -- but there's just no way to tell what people will be doing with it.

"The Internet dominates my life," he said, laughing. "I'm always on. I am connected constantly. It's pervasive in my life. It's addictive. It's frustrating as heck with the spam and the slow processors and viruses and the fear that somebody from Nigeria wants to give me $500.

"You can characterize it as being the great leveler," Kleinrock added. "Wealth doesn't matter. Beauty doesn't matter. You can be short, fat, pimply and living in a hovel and reach out to people just as easy as someone who is tall, thin, handsome and living in a penthouse."

We have reached the point where it is not any more a matter of "telling what people will be doing with it", but what some will do out of it.
The Internet is not anymore a network among computers, but the mean to build a bigger supervised network who controls people controlling what they do and what the others want them to do.
It is the same story with new means.
Why does everything have to become a "commercial mean"?

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