Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The big Jump

"Well, Patrizia, that’s what makes horse races. And blogs.
I don’t seen anything unpleasant at all about pointing out that one of the major contributing reasons for medical costs to be so high in the US, and getting higher, is the expanding ability of medical technology to tease our primal human desire to live forever.
I don’t care how mentally alert or free of pain I maybe be at the end (I’m 62 now), I don’t want to live an extra week at a cost of, say, $140,000 that is extracted from the resources available for other human lives, including the saving of lives that can be lived for more than a week. Dying in a more natural and historic way has EVERYTHING to do with managing medical costs, even if it’s only part of the solution.

John Mihalec

The main difference is you are American, I am Italian.
I was brought up with the ideas that competition brings us money, and solidarity brings us happiness.
They are both wrong, competition makes you miserable and solidarity makes you understanding that very often the others think you are just a fool.
Nevertheless I taught my children exactly the same.
At least at the end of your life you will think you did the best you could… and happiness?
Happiness is not in the goal, but in pursuing it...


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