Thursday, September 03, 2009

The end of copyrights

"If he seriously believes that BitTorrent users are the same as eMusic or iTunes customers, he should have another look at the data. His service and others will be more profitable, not less. Like public radio, music that "feels free" at the moment of use leads to the use of more music. Those with more time than money are not likely his audience; People with more money than time will always shop for music at convenient services like his.
Rental, sales and the public library have co-existed well for a long period of time, and always will.

End prohibition. You can get a fee from the liquor or the music or the service or what have you. It's time to move forward."

Jim Griffin []

There are things that evolve, either we want it or not.
Technology changes everybody's life.
When infringing copyrights is done by a few people is a crime, when is done by millions it becomes a habit you cannot control.
Kill the Internet and you will stop illegal downloading, but you will also stop the Future.
It's like as if people at the beginning of 1800 wouldn't have used the machines for saving human jobs.
Progress is something you cannot stop with the bad and the good which it brings.

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