Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Shops and Malls have become virtual

Once there was a market place, once there were shops and malls, and elegant roads, and big stores, once there were marketing companies and advertisements on the road, and fancy shops, and light and glamour and busy days on the shopping centers.

Soon, sooner than what we expect, all this will change.

E-commerce will eat ALL.
A computer will be our car, an internet connection the freeway, the Backbone the gasoline.
We will shop where it is more convenient and where we find what we are looking for and, most of all, we will shop where the good advertisement will bring us.

It won't be a fancy banner or a blinking ad, or the promise of saving money, or pay one and get three.
It will be: If by any chance you are looking for a new computer, or a new phone, or the latest music, or whatever I have to sell, ask me, or read what I am saying about it.
I know what you are looking for: the best place to buy what you want.
That is: a website where you find the best links to the best shops.
And best means really that, because it is a search engine where you do not find the websites who actually paid to be there, but the websites that have the best merchandise at the best price.

Now, for example, is the time to think of your garden.
Because if you want to have nice flowers next spring and you are a smart gardener, you will order and plant your bulbs NOW.
Buying the plants in April is much more expensive and...not so much fun.
I like, in the first days of February and March, to look closely in my flower beds and what a pleasant surprise, to see the first small leaves coming out!
It means Spring is there and every day those few green millimeters more make it closer...
Then it will be time to look for a new barbecue or some new outdoor tool, or a new grill.
And if you feel threatened by unwelcome bugs, may be now is the time to think of a good selection of deterrents, just to convince the animals not to go where you don't want them...
Since Shops and Malls have become virtual my shopping experience has become much more rewarding, more intelligent and so much easier!

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