Friday, September 11, 2009

The decline of a Nation

"Even the kindest physicians don't put corpses on life support. This particular corpse has been placed in the world's cushiest intensive care unit, with transfusions running about a trillion dollars a month -- not to mention hefty bonuses for the attending nurses."JK

I liked the example which I found particularly fitting.
One question troubled me: Why do they do it?
Certainly not to please the mass.
There was never a time in which the mass was worth less than today.
The mass is a number of people whose importance is essential on election day and then goes back to be a nuisance, except for the fact that it is a big number.
Why should they please people letting them making debts that most won’t even be able to pay back?
Because it is a BIG BUSINESS.

Some big brain made a big discovery, one of the biggest of our century: you are worth more if you have debts than if you haven’t.
The fact that you pay back or not is not THAT important.
The important is the NUMBERS they can write.
Somebody WILL pay.
Corpses are important...they create a new and profitable Market which is easy to run and produces huge revenues: the market of intensive care.
That is why they are willing (against any rational judgment) to make transfusions running about a trillion dollars a month.

Once America was a young Nation.
A Nation run by people who left their countries to make their fortunes, people who had a lot to give and were willing to WORK.
Yes, the ideal was money, but money has been and will always be the reason why, the goal to, the engine with.
That was money made with work, with brain and with enthusiasm.
The enthusiasm of the ones who wanted to "build" something great.
Lately America (like Europe) has become a country of old people, whose aim is still making money, but they do not have enthusiasm, do not have strength, so the money must be made in the easy way: cheating.
No hard work is behind the new Empires.
A lot of papers, a lot of lies, a lot of injustice.
This America doesn’t deserve to survive and it won’t survive.

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