Monday, January 31, 2011

The merger of State and Corporate power was called Fascism

Mussolini presented himself like a "socialist" he gained his first consensus from the "mass".
But he understood very soon where the power was: the big corporations.
All politicians tend to favor this or that depending on the "political contributions" to their campaign, but the last governments have been nothing else than puppets in the hands of the real power.
Once the power was essentially in industry, now it is in finance.
The "smart people" have succeeded in making the power of money stronger than the power of what money produces.

We live in a world that has gone virtual, where the "package" has more value than what is inside.
Marketing is nothing else than transforming a superfluous thing in necessity, a worthless stuff in the object of desire.
If the iPhone didn’t look so nice, was not so commercially pushed as it is, people would just see it for what it is: a simple cell phone with some additional features.

And this is valid for many other marketing "successes".

Who wonders if people believe that money itself has more power than the things you can do with it?

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