Thursday, January 06, 2011

Black and white

The biggest mistake is looking at the world in terms of black and white, of good and bad.
There is nothing that is absolutely good and nothing that is absolutely bad.
The world in black and white is in reality a world that is greyer and less grey.
For every bad action there is a reason, for every good there is a selfish motive.
Not last the feeling of being "good".
That doesn’t of course want to be an apology of all the bad that is done on this world, for that there is nothing else than condemnation and punishment.
I am talking about the "bad" and“ good" situations, the "bad" and "good" economies, the "bad" and "good" ideologies.
Let’s not fall into the trap of seeing just the good side of something, without the bad.
Communism is not better than Capitalism, as much as Capitalism is not better than Communism.
The best is none of the two.
The State should be reduced to rule Justice (working justice, not the farce we are looking at now)communal services and period.
Less state, more individuals.
We have witnessed enough of societies ruled by the ones who take from the ones who have, to give to the ones who have not.
The result?
The ones who have, still have, the ones who have not, still have not, and the state is growing the salaries and bonuses of the "regulators" and the communal debts.
All in the name of "Democracy".

If this is Democracy, thanks I prefer to live without.

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