Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What should we fight for?

Revolution is a nice word.
You feel good to say: if they go on this way people will make a Revolution.
May be, it will happen.
It can also be that it will bring nothing.
Is not the fight that is important, it is the right goal.

If you fight, you should think before for what you should fight, what you would change and how.

People want a better future, they will fight for it.
But very often they do not know how to get a better future, they just want to change from the one who promised a better future (and didn’t deliver) to another one who promises he will.
But when you have no ideas, no knowledge, it is easy that you make the mistake to choose AGAIN the wrong one.


Better IS definitely NOT having everything with nothing.
Better is NOT making money moving money.
Better is not getting rich with any effort.

People who make a fortune out of nothing (unless they win at the lottery) usually do that at the expense of somebody else.
And that doesn’t make your life better, because doesn’t make the place where you live better.
A good economy is the one that analyzes the balance between producing and consuming and finds the best ratio.
If you spend here what is produce there you create an unbalance that sooner or later will explode.
There too much and here too little.
Lowering the interest rate, flooding the market with money can create jobs in "services", like making new infrastructures or hiring new state employee.
That would solve the problem of unemployment for a while, but if there are too many people in "services" and too few in "producing", where will the money come from in the future?
Certainly you cannot just go on printing and making new debts.
The debts have the problem that must be paid back unless you want to default.

Money would be better spent in making the Nation productive again, (may be lowering the VAT and taxes on goods).
When people have jobs they spend and when they spend the economy runs.

That is the ONLY way.

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