Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A happy customer is a customer for a long time...

The agency of the future will be half a software company and half an entertainment company because that's the only way to be successful.
The Web will be the major advertisement hosting of the future, so the way it is delivered has to change.
On TV you catch the audience with content and mix it with commercials, and the audience is kind of passive.
On the Net the offer of content as "channels" is huge compared to TV because open to ALL.
In this environment the customers have a big weapon: freedom of choice, and freedom of mouse.
How to catch the browser and turn him first into audience and second into buyer?
The best is still creating a mixed media marketing experience by combining old and new media.
That is exactly what a good advertising agency is doing.

Advertisement HAS to be the Entertainment, something almost like subliminal ad.
For that TV is still the king.

Advertisement HAS to be the subject and an alluring subject too.

Advertisement has to catch and keep, at least enough to show and talk about.

But once you caught your audience your power on the Net is going to be 1000 times greater than on TV.
In one move you present, you show, you convince and YOU SELL.
Thanks to interactivity of course.
Harder to reach, but mostly gratifying...
The advertising agency not only creates and delivers the right advertisement for your company, tailored to your needs, but also tracks the success of your advertising campaigns minute to minute and day to day to ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment.
Sometimes a campaign isn't working, that means that kind of advertising isn't for you. What does the advertising agency do? They try a different strategy.

Because what mostly matters to them is your success.
A successful customer is a happy customer and a happy customer is a customer for a long time...

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