Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Dollars is getting more and more like a condom made in China: a tool to give false security

"In the recently international poll, America was at the bottom of popularity nations list (“A Year After Iraq War”).
Most US citizens can not believe this and wonder why it is.
In spite of doing many good things, America is still hated because Americans impose their values on others, do many immoral things against other nations, maintain its monopoly status, and are the most self serving and arrogant."

All these things could be easily forgiven, I bet most Americans do not even care to know what is going on in the world, and a few who care get the knowledge from a controlled media.
They despise and shout against Hitler, but do not see that their country is getting even worse than Germany in the 30s.
At least Hitler gave jobs (0 unemployment) and means to survival to his people.

What is happening now in America is that a bunch of psychopaths rule and do the most evil and stupid things.
They fight the Whole world, also their friends.
In the last struggle to keep an Empire created mostly with fraud they fight with the most criminal weapons they have: the silent weapons of mind controlling and brainwashing and, where not possible, they won’t refrain from using atomic weapons.

The World should begin to realize it.
And do something about.

The Dollar is getting more and more like a condom: a tool to give false security: what will happens when it breaks? ( do not forget, they are made in China...)

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