Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A better world

"What a day that will be, when the ugly mindlock of a hypocritical
religious institution is forever stricken from the behavior of
functional and fulfilled human beings, the universe will open like a
flower to us"

As sad as it can be these words were said many times in history, then a revolution happened and people felt reborn in a new, fresh, uncorrupted word.
But that same word slowly got the same it was before.
A group of few took control of it and began slowly at first, then faster and faster till they managed to destroy everything.
Then another revolution, then again the same pattern.
Man for his nature, is not a moral individual.
Morality was invented to make possible survival without wars.
This survival instinct is so exasperated in some individuals that blinds them.
They cannot see what is good and what is bad.
I sometimes arrive to the point to think that a lot of what happens is due to an unbalance of hormones.
The same that drive men and women to sex in order to guarantee the survival of the species, sometimes, when their quantities is too high, can push men to rape and abuse.
Not always the brain can tell you what to do or not to do.
It is like when you are so hungry and you perfectly know that stealing is not good, but you need to steal in order to satisfy your hunger.
There are people who do not see limits, to whom having more is not enough, they have to have more and more.
In a few words, they are not "normal" people or "intelligent" people.
Intelligent people are the ones who understand what they need and enjoy what they have, or what they are.
Those are greedy, inhuman people, who should be taught again what the real values are, what the goal to happiness is.
If you want a just and good world you should learn from History what the danger is.
If you want to build a better world, you should care that nobody destroys it.

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David said...

Thanks for such a detailed explanation of it, I wasn't expecting it but anyhow its really really helpful, thanks a lot for sharing it with us!