Thursday, January 06, 2011

The best society

There is no best in absolute, but there can be something closer to the best.
The best is a society which tries to give every individual the same rights.
That is much different from making all individual "equal", because individuals ere not "equal" (equal is contradictory to the word individual)
A society that divides the resources equally among the users, that rules the economy to give ALL good standards of living.
That rule justice in the most righteous way, punishing and preventing crimes.
The best society is the one ruled by a computer.
A computer has no sentiments of greed, compassion, love.
A computer does what it is programmed to do. Just that.

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Sami Parker said...

Thanks for such a detailed explanation of it, I wasn't expecting it but anyhow its really really helpful, thanks a lot for sharing it with us!