Friday, January 07, 2011

"US debt is largely fictitious"

One of the things that astonishes me most is the easiness on which the average American can drink and digest ANY lie he is told.
It is true that nothing is easier to believe than what you want to believe, but there is a limit to it.
The limit is usually given by that thing we used to call intelligence.
Well, you do not need much of it to understand that if the "US debt is largely fictitious" because it is not borrowing, it is just "printing new money" the natural consequence would be that the more you print the less it is worth.
But no, "there is not such a thing like "Hyperinflation", because the interest rate is so low, below zero.

So, explain me, why the rest of the world should produce and sell to US in exchange of freshly printed paper when everyone can print paper, or buying American bonds and stocks that are worth zero and pay zero?
Regarding "there is not such a thing like "Hyperinflation" whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear can detect the lie.
When a Website is paid 50 billions dollars how can you say "there is not such a thing like "Hyperinflation"?

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