Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cui profit?

"The US is not profiting from their meddling in the Middle East, far from it."

In Europe they are beginning to ask: why are we in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Cui profit?

The answer:
Here in Germany the business of weapons producing (and submarines, they are the leaders)is blooming.
There is a factory in the south with 7000 employees.
I am on the idea that the only good business in the Western world is the war.
Of course the US citizens (at least most of them) like the Europeans, do not have any advantage, on the contrary, most of the country´s deficit is due to the wars.

But the citizens count zero, they are just good when it comes to vote or paying taxes.
At least the Americans never really knew what a war is, but they will have a good idea if we come to ww3, and US is doing everything to begin it.
If the Americans would just be able to understand and say fuck off to the bunch of criminals that rule we would certainly have a better world.

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