Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Capitalism and Money are not evil

Capitalism, in my point of view is the best organization of a society.
And the goal to work for, money, is not evil.
If you work and work hard to make money to have a more comfortable life, to give a better education to your children, to pay for a future when you won’t be able to work anymore, this is a good goal.
You work if you work for something.
People do not work for the sake of working.
Unless you are motivated by the goal to reach what you believe in (being it a new technology or whatever).
Usual people work for the usual things.

The only evil is when the goal of money making begins to be the obsession, when the goal is NOT what money could mean for you, but it is just MONEY itself and the power to own more and more of it.
I guess that a psychiatric would certainly find the reason.
What I mean is that the normal people make the society good or bad, not the few psychopaths that rule.

Capitalism would work and work well, if we just could get rid of THEM.

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