Saturday, April 18, 2009

About Abruzzo´s earthquake...

Since the dawn of humanity Religion has been a good business.
And as such many are the ones who invite the Mass to their "Monopoly" taking advantage of people’s fear of death and selling heaven and a better life.
But one of the good principle should be the effort to keep alive their followers.
What does a customer count if he is dead?
It is what happened on the earthquake’s event in Italy.
In Abruzzo, the Jehovah's Witnesses were saved while the Catholics went to Heaven. Before the earthquake struck, the Jehovah’s Witnesses warned the members of their community about the danger.
They were advised to sleep in their cars and to make sure they had suitcases with them, containing the necessary items. They all survived.
Were none of the Bishops, Deans or Parish Priests not fully in the picture regarding what was about to happen?
Didn’t they see any need to warn anyone about the danger? May be, may be not. The church bells were deathly silent.
The voice of the Church failed to make even the slightest sound prior to the earthquake.
If Bertolaso had been a Jehovah’s Witness, the people of Abruzzo wouldn´t now be mourning the death of hundreds of people.
As for Radio Maria, in their opinion the earthquake was simply God’s will and perhaps He wanted the people of Abruzzo to share the pain of his Passion...

It happened JUST before Easter, didn’t it?
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