Friday, April 10, 2009

The slow decline of the Middle Class

The French Revolution can be seen as nothing else than the battle of the emerging Middle Class against the oligarchic monopoly of the nobility.
As the Marxist Revolution as the fight of the lower classes to impose their place in a new society.
We can see one as the precursor of Capitalism and the other as the precursor of Socialism.
Both in my opinion were good causes to be fought, as there is always a good cause when there is discrimination and lack of justice.
Both were efforts to fight and destroy the hierarchical shape of the society.
But destroy one hierarchy and slowly another one will grow.
Both ideologies proved unsuccessful, not because they were wrong on the ideological aspect, but because the world, the society, the human nature won’t allow any kind of artificial moldering of men’s world.
The strong and arrogant will be always strong and arrogant, the weak will always be weak.
And the strong will always try and eventually succeed in prevailing over the weak.
In this century the fight is not with traditional weapons, the battle is won with more sophisticated means.
Psychologically destroying the will and conscience of individuals, reducing men to consumers, creating goals that are fake, they created a herd whose only goal is to work more, to earn more, to own more.
It begins with the new labeled suit, the meals in the fancy restaurant, the house with pool and sauna, the house on the beach and so on.
And part of the game is feeding Banks and Insurances and all what needed to drive in the "success" road.
The "American Dream" is nothing else than this: the dream to earn more to own more.
And the peculiar thing in the whole matter is that it failed not because people realized that owning more won’t make them happier, but because working more and borrowing more doesn’t allow them anymore to fulfill the dream.

An excess of greediness has brought the artefix of the mechanism to destroy it.
Too many taxes, too much cheating have on one side brought more richness where the big slice of the cake is usually enjoyed and little more than nothing to the "working class".
It is not enough going to college, studying, overworking.
The "American dream" has too many followers and not enough richness for all.
As the Socialism failed, because the working class was squeezed to the point of no return to give more and more revenue to the artefix of the "socialistic society", so failed in the same way the Capitalism.

But, as the lion dies if there are no gazelles anymore to eat, so will the apex of hierarchy die, for lack of food.
Well, there is justice in the end...
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