Monday, April 27, 2009

In the back of any President’s or politician’s stupidity there is always an intelligent dishonesty.

"This analysis is low on the paranoia and high on the Machiavellian maneuvering insight.
The basic idea is that Mr. Obama has gone along with all the TARPing and PPIPing because it was tactically the only way that he could give the Wall Street plutocrats enough rope to hang themselves -- and that this was the only reality-based strategy that could get public opinion in the mood for real change.
It explains a lot, if it's true." JK

I am always surprised to see how hope is really the last to die.
Even in terminally cancer ill people any small word or looking like improvement creates a little bit of hope to survive.
In one opinion though I agree: in the back of any President’s or politician’s stupidity there is always an intelligent dishonesty.
They all prefer to look dumb than corrupted.

I really do not see the strategy of printing billions to do the opposite.
Or to play the part of the naive to cheat the bankers.
Those are smart enough to see the back face of the coin.
If you want to hang somebody you get old expecting he does the job himself.
Or waiting for the people to explode, you can die and sleep in peace.
People are moved by hunger and inflaming words.
I do not see the next future as a situation of generalized bankruptcy.
At least it will be kept on a reasonable level, in which the unemployed will be a good part, but not an alarming number and in the safe conviction that a Revolution wouldn’t change anything, just making worse an already bad situation.
Also people have hopes and if they have proved naive enough to believe in all the crap in which they were convinced to believe, it is quite clear that very little will change.
And if Mr. Obama´s goal was to lower the Nation´s life style he will be successful any way.
One thing is sure: things very often change if you do something, but they change the same if you do nothing, for the simple reason that there is a law in Nature which mathematically balances everything, so that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything changes...
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