Saturday, April 18, 2009

We ALL should have the same rights

"I do believe that massive unauthorized sharing of copyrighted material is a crime. But we drug runners murdering people in the streets, thousands of workers being cheated out of wages by scufflaw employers, and all kinds of serious crimes that really threaten lives. It's not in the public interest to turn copyright infringement from a civil offense to a criminal one. And it leads to violations of privacy and civil liberties in ever-more desperate attempts to enforce laws."

What we all know is that the people murdered on the Streets, the workers abused, the serious crimes offended, are very often just numbers in a statistic survey, unless they are "somebody who counts".
While the copyright holders are the Power that rules our society.
Because they have the money and they surely want to keep their enormous revenues.
As sad as it can look, History was and still is made not by the people on the road, but by the "ones who can what they want".

I do believe that there is just one type of crime, as there should be just one type of Justice.
When you are a criminal you are a criminal.
But one thing is Justice and a totally different one is what happens in Courts.
This is what produced in the past the big revolutions and all their consequences.
The knowledge which anyone of us has that we ALL should have the same rights.
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