Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Life without music is lame. Music without life is even worse.

That is why websites like Kerchoonz have a special place in my life.
If I was an artist and I would be able to play or sing or do something artistic I think I would sign up to be a part of the history of it.
I can anyway be a part of the exclusive "invite only" audience.
At least this is one of the advantages to be there among the first.
They promise lots and lot of new features in the next days.
When you go into their website you automatically download the player which will follow you everywhere on the website playing the music you like.
It sounds a little bit complicated, but it works like this: when you find sounds you like on an artist profile with a simple click you can add them in your player
But this is not all.
You can also make some money (which is not bad at all) just posting songs, pics, videos, with a direct link to your profile, so that if an artist signs up through your kwidgets, you can earn out of it...
As I said, it is a music website for musicians, but also for people who want to download LEGALLY music (of course for free).
It is a new kind of social network, where the artist is paid every time somebody downloads or listen to his music.
Where is the catch?
Or better: where does the money come from?
"Kerchoonz shares advertising revenues generated on artists profiles and their download page so that you can access music freely and also support your favorite artists."
And if you refer bands or artists to the site you can instantly make Pounds 2.50.
The important is that they reach 5000 plays.
Well, registering and signing in, you have nothing to lose and may be a lot to win!

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