Thursday, April 23, 2009

I would pity them, if they were not so predictable...

"Well, turns out the 47,000 residents of Wilson, NC got tired of paying for slow broadband, so the city government launched its own fiber ISP called Greenlight that offers some pretty solid packages ranging from $99 for 81 cable channels, unlimited phone service, and 10Mbps (down and up) internet to $170 for every single channel including premiums and 20Mbps up/down internet.
(There's even a "secret" 100Mbps up/down internet plan.) Of course, these prices blow TWC and Embarq out of the water -- the comparable basic Time Warner plan has fewer channels and less bandwidth for an "introductory rate" of $137 -- and rather than compete, the two giants decided to lobby the North Carolina legislature into proposing bills that outlaw community services like Greenlight.
The argument is that the big companies can't turn a profit and compete against a community-owned enterprise that essentially sells service for cost...Endgadget.

I think there is not so much to add, other than this is an isolated island where the word democracy still has some meaning.
I wish TW will in the future have more places to go against...
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