Monday, April 20, 2009

Tomorrow´s Job

Rising prices, stagnant wages: welcome to tomorrow’s world.
How to survive in a future that doesn’t promise much, and looks greyer than today?
What you need to know about America’s future is that it will probably stop to be the "promised land", the country where it was enough to have hopes, to get a better future.
Now the future is still in your hands, providing you are smart enough to see it.
That includes seeing where the world is going and where the available jobs will be.
It is not important to do the job you like, it is essential to like the job you do.
And the job that is needed.
Probably a University graduate will not have the same chances as before, and in certain jobs he will even face unemployment.
Automation, computerization and off shoring are reducing the number of middle-wage, skilled occupations -- stock clerks, inspectors, telemarketers, payroll workers, sales agents and software programmers. These jobs are particularly vulnerable to automation because their core tasks follow well-understood routines that can increasingly be codified in software and executed by machinery.

Ironically, many jobs that require less formal education are more difficult to automate than these white-collar positions because they demand physical flexibility and rapid adaptation to unpredictable circumstances.

Demand will still be high for job requiring expertise and particularly skilled individuals like the ones in the culinary and hospitality management.
That is the reason why choosing the right culinary school can play a major role in your future.
At you can find all the careers in those arts.
I think it is very important to choose AFTER having evaluated ALL features of the job you choose.
Whatever you decide to become, it pays to be informed and in the right way.
Carefully examine your options before you jump to any decision.
It is better to know before than regretting later.
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