Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The dark side of the Internet

The Internet has come a long way.
From an elitarian network linking four computers at four research centers to the biggest network linking the whole world.
And the dark side of it is also the side that made it feasible and alluring: the illegal downloading of copyrighted material.
It was the earthquake for intellectual property, the weak ring in the chain.

What has to be rewritten are not the rules, because any rule would find a wall in the dynamic IP behind which "thieves" can hide themselves.
What has to be found is the new way to monetarize the "intellectual" work that has no revenue anymore.
And also the right price for the right value.
On one side the illegal downloading has brought an end to the wild earning of a restricted group of "middle men" that using the job of artists created huge revenues not justifiable since the audience moved from "regional" or "national" to international.
If fifty cents profit on a record which sold 5000 copies was the right earning, it is not valid anymore if the copies become one million.

Thus the way and the amount have to be rewritten, if we want to stimulate new "works” of intellect.
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