Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where imagination is more important than knowledge

What is a Hacker?
Besides being good in Computer skills, he is one for whom imagination is more important than knowledge.
He is one who loves to do what normal people think as a job.
And he so much loves it that he is willing to work and work hard just for the pleasure of doing it.
It doesn’t matter the revenue, his revenue is in the joy to win a challenge, the challenge to undo what the others did.
These are qualities worth a lot, especially for the people who DO and do not want their job undone.
If you cannot win your enemies the best strategy is changing them into friends.
If one of the strongest motives that lead you to computing is escape from everyday computing and its hopeless dreariness, you will certainly find very interesting to attend courses how to become and get better as a Hacker in IT Security.
If what matters IS NOT what you do, but the way you do it and the accomplishment of something great, why not doing it and making money?
Why not being paid to do the things you like?

They so much need Hackers that they even make courses how to become one.
They call it "Ethical Hacker".
If you are good, you have a very good career in front of you.
These courses offer the most sought after information security certification and technical training classes, besides the possibility to enhance your technical skills.
They offer the knowledge many are willing to pay for, and many means opportunities, and opportunities mean a well paid job.

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