Monday, April 20, 2009

Hopes of the future

Ours is the "Baby Boomers Generation" and ours is the world the "Baby Boomers generation" created long ago.
We were the "Hopes" of a bright future, the one built on the ashes of Two Major wars.
Many of us are old, but young looking.
Once grandmas had white hair and wore old style glasses.
Now a day grandmas look better than the latest generation, because they have the money and all the surgeon’s help that money can buy...
Once grandpas were old and active in mind and dreams.
Today grandpas have Viagra and a still good heart, so they can stay "young" in body and desires much longer.

Once grandparents couldn’t eat everything, because of false teeth.
Now they could, but do not, because of "keeping young" with lifestyle.
Which prescribes vegetables and good exercise.

Once the world belonged to the young generations, now the young generations belong to the world of the old generation.
They have money and power.
They think that the present is still future, that the past is something "Before".
They were born to be the "hopes of the future" and that is still what they want to be.
They will never be able to get rid of the complex of being the "post war generation".
They will try to rebuild also when there is nothing more to rebuild.
They are keeping the world on a "Standing still" position, because they are too old to understand that "everything has to change in order to stay the same".
And the same means that the world "must go on" with or without them.
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