Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Those two important clicks

There are three definitive (and painful) events: birth, death and the loss of your hard drive.
Recently I lost two hard drives.
Once, when you lost one you cried mostly for the value of it.
Now you cry for the data you had on it.
I still remember my first 500 MB hard drive.
And it was not even full!( but it cost more than 1 Terrabytes of today.)

That cost me much more than the $4.95 I would have spent to have an IDrive Online Backup.
And I do not even have the excuse that it is a burden, because it is so simple and fast to use and save, JUST TWO CLICKS.

Those two clicks would have saved my work, my data, gone to the moon.
I always say: it is better to carefully think before than regretting later...
Too bad I never do...
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