Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The wonderful Era in which we live

We are getting or we already are in the Era of Writers.
It is not true that journalism is dead, on the contrary, we never had so many journalists as now.
What we lack is readers, or we think we lack readers.
I guess that also the readers´ number has increased exponentially, the real and objective fact is that if every writer has a restricted number of readers it LOOKS LIKE we have few readers, while we got an enormous number of readers.
What has changed is the length of the articles, the type of articles and the content of them.
It is a more variegated multitude of short stories, a collection of sentences and MOSTLY an infinite series of images.
Ours is a visual society, the reader wants all in the shortest time and in the easiest way.
We are literally bombed with information’s, news and images.
I like it, I like it so much that I would have liked to be born later, so that I wouldn’t have missed so many years of my life in the dark, in a Limbo place, where I had connection with the world in an imperfect, sporadic way.
Now it is enough to switch on your computer and the world is there, in a few seconds you meet a huge numbers of ideas, opinions, images.
Even too much sometimes, if too much is something good.
I envy the ones who are born today and even more the ones that will be born tomorrow because the World is getting such an interesting place to live that Heaven, the wonderful garden of Eden, looks so shabby and so boring.

As "Paris is well worth a mass" so may be "Globalization is well worth some economical distress"
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