Saturday, April 18, 2009

If copyrights infringement is right the offended are the wrong ones

The calculation of lost revenues is made on the false assumption that people who illegally download would buy what they download and pay the right fees.
That is the same that happens in the calculation of lost revenues of the sale of copyrighted fashion "labeled" merchandise.
They assume that the one who pays 5 Euro for a "copied Armani bag" would pay 500 Euros if he or she couldn’t´ t find the copy on the illegal market.
Which is totally wrong.
The same person when not available the copy would buy the "non copied" version which costs 5 Euros.
The really damaged in this case are the producers of 5 Euros bags not "copyrights violating".
The real damage probably is on the shoulders of the ones who would sell their product because cheaper and do not because available on the market is the "expensive" at a cheap price.
All this wouldn’t happen if things had the price they deserve...
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