Friday, April 24, 2009

Profit is what rules our World

"The main symptom of where our heads are at collectively and the failure of collective imagination in this country can be seen in the fact that the only conversation that’s going on about this all over the country is: how are we going to run the cars on some other kind of fuel. That’s all anyone wants to talk about. "

I like imagining this society as the product of people who live in it.
Like their aspirations, their dreams, their WILL.
But that is said and believed because the responsible do not want the blame.
Which politicians would ever admit that this exasperated "happy motoring" IS NOT what people want or wanted or will want?
This "happy motoring" which is not so happy for many of us, is the CONSEQUENCE of the fact that Public Transportation has been deliberately ignored, left to inexorable decline, in favor of "private transportation".
And that was NOT for people’s sake or people’s will.
It was for the well being of a few who controlled and still control the economy.
Why the State is so eager to help the car factories?
To help the workers somebody would answer.
No, believe me.
It is for the sake of their own profit.
Behind the cars there is such a big market: manufactory, oil, taxes.
In Europe the car has become the best milking cow for the State and the State IS NOT the people.
The State is the few who get huge profits from it.
The State is the people when it comes to Election Day.
The State is the number of votes and the power of the few.
Cars are here to stay, not because we want or we decide or we would like.
The cars are here to stay because they are Profit.
And Profit IS what rules our world...
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