Sunday, April 26, 2009

The "oldest profession"

"I've seen absolutely no statistics to suggest that there have been measurable changes in its incidence with the arrival of Craigslist in a city. The world's "oldest profession" has managed to flourish -- with all of its attendant risks -- since the dawn of civilization, it is not a creation of the Internet. It will continue even if our technological civilization collapses, so long as humans exist."
Man has two main needs: to eat (for surviving) and sex (for reproducing himself).
Both are (on purpose) quite strong, so that man lives his life in a struggle to satisfy them.
This is ultimately the only answer we are able to give to the question: Why are we here?
On the dawn of humanity, man produced his own food, and had sex in the same way.
Like the other animals, doing all what they can to attract the right, chosen mate.
Then man (who has a brain that works better than animals) found that there was another way to eat: to buy food.
I guess the same mechanism was applied to sex.
That is why it is the oldest profession.
All what came later, the demonization of sex as "unethical" practice was an invention to justify the existence of "bad" in human’s needs.
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