Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easy way to save electricity

"Moving right along- here is a fantasy I have had. Many of our little toys and some useful devices run on low voltage, provided by myriad transformers, which are always on, always drawing power, if my high school physics is correct. A house of the future could be wired for a single standardized (by decree) low voltage power circuitry, plugs in every room. supplied from a single transformer.All toys would plug into it. Probably these little corkscrew lights could be made to work just as well on low voltage. There could still be some 120 or 220 outlets for motors and heaters, I guess .Do you know of a flagpole to run that up?"

John Bosley

I guess this is an interesting proposal.
After reading it, I looked around and found several decvices in my home which run at 4 or 5 volt, but in reality consume 220.
We have one problem besides, which is getting a universal standard for low voltage devices.
It would really make sense to have at least one plug for them...
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