Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where getting wet IS fun

The amazing of America is that everywhere you can find a little piece of Europe, American style of course.
Do you miss Venice?
There it is.
In a few square meters you have the Rialto bridge, Piazza San Marco and you can even go on a real Gondola.
Do you miss Paris?
There it is.
Cafes, shops and the Tour Eiffel.
Do you miss Neuschwanstein?
You do not need to go to Germany and climb mountains to see it.
Just go to Disneyland and you’ll see the best version of it, fairies included…
But they didn’t stop at that.
America fulfills every dream.
We have an idea in Europe of the people living there as very often some sort of childish dreamers, people not fully grown up.
That idea was mostly related to the Fairy Tale world created by Walt Disney.
Deep in our hearts we always had some sort of envy for somebody who, in spite of being the most advanced technologically speaking country, was still able to laugh and have fun with a Fairy Tale world.
Very hardly someone in Europe would admit that children water games are fun also for adults, at least nobody of my generation.
Even if they are.
No wonder so many Europeans (millions) plan very often a visit to Orlando, Florida.
The official excuse is bringing the children there, the unofficial is becoming children once again.
So, wherever you come from, if you want to let the child who is in you have fun and laugh again, why not trying the Disney Waterparks?
And if you decide to join the millions there, why not taking advantage of discounted tickets?
The Internet provides you the best choice at the best price.
And if you still have to decide the date, you could book on your birthday and get a further discount.
Well, it is nice thinking the older you get, the younger you behave...
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