Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new Justice for a new World

"In the aftermath of the Pirate Bay trial, many Swedish law experts say they consider Friday's high-profile guilty verdict severe but fair."

What happens in Court is sometimes what happens in the Vatican.
And doesn’t reflect reality at all.
One world is the old, almost obsolete world of LAW and the world of the CHURCH and another one is the world outside the REAL world.
What is right for one, very often is wrong for the other.
The Pope said condoms were illegal and forbidden, ALSO for preventing AIDS.
In Africa millions died, die and will die for AIDS and shouldn’t care for what the Pope says, because the LAW of God wants them to live and not to die and the LAW of GOD looks forward and is not simply written on books centuries of years old.

On one end the verdict looks fair, but it is not.
When a crime is committed by a restricted number of people is a CRIME, when it is committed by the majority becomes a habit.
The role of today’s justice should be understanding why and preventing with effective and NEW laws, which consider BOTH parties, the offended and the OFFENDER.

Justice cannot be an isolated island where laws are written and must be executed.
If you think this is the case, a computer could do the job better than a Judge or a Jury.
A computer can store data much more than a brain of a person and can apply data and write sentences in a more rational way.
What a computer lacks is what makes justice: a continuous view of the society, a judgment that goes beyond the mere mathematics, a moral obligation to the offended as well as to the offender.
A Judge cannot ignore that the "illegal downloading" crime is perpetrated daily by millions and it is punished in a sporadic number of cases.
A Judge cannot ignore that behind the Music and Movie industry hides a lobby of monopolists, whose revenues are enormous and enormously restricted to a few.
A Judge cannot ignore that the ones who pay have to pay too much.
A Judge cannot ignore that Justice IS NOT Justice when an actor or a football player earns billions, when the one who pays them struggles to arrive to the end of the month.
Culture and entertainment are not an option in the 21st century, they are part of our lives and as such they have to be accessible to ALL.
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