Friday, April 24, 2009

The best frame for the best moment

If you plan to get married, you just have the burden to find the husband/bride, for ALL the rest there is somebody who will provide.
Have you ever dreamed of caribbean weddings?
It is true, the place and the time shouldn’t be relevant, but, believe me they are.
And they are even more if you plan your honeymoon there.
What could be a better start than a place like Heaven, where the weather is always nice and the sky always blue?
And what if you could have all inclusive travel deals, all paperwork included, even music and witnesses, may be candlelit dinner for bride and groom, continental breakfast in bed, morning after wedding?
And may be discount vacation packages?
You can even register your honeymoon online for free and if you think necessary (I think it is not a bad idea) you can list anything you want your friends and family to contribute to on your honeymoon bridal registry...
And, all considered, if you make a mistake in the only part that is up to not always have a second chance...and besides, you already know where to have the best wedding of all...
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