Thursday, April 23, 2009

Europe votes for Piracy

"The European citizens will remember this courageous stand. Members of the European parliament honored their mandates by standing courageously for citizens' rights and freedoms. This is one more blow to Nicolas Sarkozy's 'three strikes' or 'HADOPI' law in France, and a strong sign that nobody in Europe will want to pass such a stupid legislation going against progress, citizens' rights and common sense."

I would add: any intelligent fool would understand that a behavior such the one of the French President would have disastrous consequences on the Economy.
The fortune of PCs, of Software and mostly of Bill Gates was the adoption of computers as private entertainment and the Internet played a major role.
The Internet itself wouldn’t have had the success it had, had its use merely been for business use.
Illegal downloading of Music first and Movies later were the main need for broadband high speed.
Who needs 6 MB for web surfing?
Or emailing?

There is a huge market behind the illegal downloading, behind copyright infringement, being it for Music, or Movies or Software.
Nevertheless the big singers already understood that the revenues are not in the sale of CDs, but in the live concerts.
The Music industry as well as the Movie industry HAS to rewrite the rules, the revenues and the way to make profits.
If they adopted a law like the one forecasted in France, would be enough that the millions illegal downloader would say: I do and I am ready.
Would Sarkozy ban them from the Internet ALL?

99% of the connections would have to be shut down.

Is HE ready for the consequences?
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