Saturday, April 18, 2009

The verdict against the men connected to The Pirate Bay makes new 21st century martyrs

What looks like a defeat is nothing of that kind.
It will give a Halo of martyrdom to the convicted.
All Europe has new heroes since the hard and unjustified sentence against four men connected to The Pirate Bay, the world's most notorious file sharing site.
The answer is in one sentence:
"The verdict is our ticket to the EU Parliament"
They can be sure that the millions who were defeated with them will vote for the new ideals of freedom.
Because the fight against Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Bros, EMI and Columbia Pictures is nothing else than the fight against the monopoly of the few who put the rules and use Justice to justify their enormous revenues made mostly cheating the audience.
It is not the fight against copyrights infringement, it is much more.
Nobody would ever deny that the ones who produce have the right to revenues; everybody would agree that the revenues MUST follow the real value of what is produced.
Every Judge should see that taking advantage of a monopoly imposing prices that have nothing to do with real value is against the law.
This is the beginning of the new Revolution: why people like Nicole Kidman should earn $20 millions for a movie, or a football player a salary of billions when the man on the road, who is the one who pays, should struggle to pay his bills?
This and nothing else is the point, and the young generation, when asked to decide, will certainly vote for the "new society" where at least in theory, every individual has the same rights to a better life....
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