Monday, April 20, 2009

About cloning

Sometimes I like to amuse myself dreaming we are on the dawn of the real Democracy.
That lasts a few seconds, the necessary time to remember that humanity is not made for democracy, it just cannot be.
We have a goal for our existence, a reason why we are here and that reason seems not to fit with democracy, unless somebody really great would find the way to mix the need of making the World going on and the need of flattening the human nature, creating clones of good people with entrepreneurial spirit and a "moral" nature.
I am afraid we are not ready yet for cloning.
The product would be a mixture of Marilyn Monroe and Leonardo da Vinci, which simply wouldn’t work.
The moment the whole world would be entirely made by handsome men and women, both beautiful and genius, being beautiful and intelligent would just be normal and humanity would chase ugliness and stupidity.
As much as finally producing a world where everybody is just exactly as good as the other would be such a boring and unsatisfactory world that we would desperately look for something "different".
May be that "something different" could be eating a forbidden fruit from a forbidden tree, so that History could begin all over again...
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